ECOC 2014 – 2

W. Miao, S. Peng, S. Spadaro, G. Bernini, F. Agraz, A. Ferrer, J. Perelló, G. Zervas, R. Nejabati, N. Ciulli, D. Simeonidou, H.J.S. Dorren, and N. Calabretta, “Demonstration of Reconfigurable Virtual Data Center Networks Enabled by OPS with QoS Guarantees”, Continue reading

ECOC 2014 – 1

F. Agraz, W. Miao, A. Ferrer, G. Bernini, H.J.S. Dorren, N. Calabretta, N. Ciulli, J. Perelló, S. Peng, G. Zervas, D. Simeonidou, G. Junyent, and S. Spadaro, “Experimental Assessment of an SDN-based Control of OPS Switching Nodes for Intra-Data Center Continue reading

TPC INCoS 2014

Member of the Technical Program Committee, 6th International Conference on Intelligent Networking and Collaborative Systems (INCoS-2014), September 10-12, 2014, Salerno (Italy).