1. National Institute of Telecommunications (NIT) @ Wroclaw – August 2013. Post-doctoral stay. Topic: Optimization of Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) over Flexi-Grid optical networks. Duration: 3,5 weeks. Funded by: Spanish National Project ELASTIC.
  1. Alcatel Lucent – Bell Labs France – January – February 2013. Post-doctoral research stay. Topic: CAPEX + OPEX analysis of survivable IP/MPLS over Single Line Rate(SLR)/Mixed Line Rate (MLR)/Elastic DWDM optical networks. Duration: 3 weeks. Funded by: Spanish National Project ELASTIC and Green Touch initiative project HALF-MOON.
  1. Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (UPCT) – January – February 2012. Post-doctoral research stay. Topic: Modeling and analysis of the Virtual Optical Network (VON) embedding problem. Duration: 1 month. Funded by: Spanish National Projects ELASTIC and FIERRO.
  1. Institute of Communication Networks and Computer Engineering (IKR), Stuttgart Universität (UST) – April-July 2007. Pre-doctoral research stay. Topic: Performance evaluation of TCP over OBS networks. Duration: 3.5 months. Funded by: European Projects COST Action 291 and e-Photon/One+.