Topic: Federating Testbeds Services
Company: I2cat,
Duration: 6-8 months
Application deadline: January 2016

The project would consist on a number of well identified tasks that will enable the candidate to gain a deep knowledge understanding the problems of testbed federation and the tasks required for the integration three of the biggest networks across the world.

List of foreseen tasks

  • Familiarization with the GTS framework
  • Enhance GTS Portal
    • Drag and Drop Features for testbeds
    • Enhance Google Earth Plugin integration
    • Enhance usability for the GTS users
  • Integrate Multi-Domain features on the portal

Knowledge, skills and competences needed

  • Java
  • OSGi Basic knowledge
  • Spring Framework familiarity
  • HTML
  • JavaScript

Also desirable, but not strictly required

  • Basic notions of networking technologies
  • Basic knowledge of testing frameworks (jUnit and Selenium)
  • Familiarisation with JSP
  • Basic Web server configuration

Topic: Cloud orchestration and management performance for SDN based next generation data centres (DC)
Company: I2cat,
Duration: 6-8 months
Application deadline: January 2016

The project would consist on a number of well identified tasks that will enable the candidate to gain a deep knowledge and understanding on hot Networking topics (mainly SDN technologies, NFV and next generation of DC environments) and acquire development and software integration skills while participating in a European project.

List of foreseen tasks

  • First two months
    • Familiarisation with cloud data centre networking solutions, SDN technologies and cloud management tools
    • Familiarisation with the scope of the project in terms of cloud management, cloud orchestration and integration with SDN-based networks
    • Deep understanding and familiarisation with OpenStack cloud management platform (this is the platform on top of which the implementation work will be carried out)
    • Identify the required functionalities to be implemented
  • Between month 2 and 6
    • Implementation of the cloud management functionalities required to orchestrate the designed DC (orchestrate in terms of coordinating network resources and IT (Compute and Storage resources). Most of the work will consist of extending current OpenStack framework and properly adapt it
    • Integrate the implemented features in the overall design. (M6)
  • Document all previous work
  • Demonstrate the work carried out by means of a concrete Use case proof of concept

Knowledge, skills and competences needed

  • Python
  • Django: Framework in python to manage web services DBs and views

Also desirable, but not strictly required

  • Basic notions of Networking technologies and Data centre architectures
  • Basic knowledge on SDN (mainly OpenDayLight network controller) and Cloud management tools (mainly OpenStack Neutron, Openstack Heat and OpenStack NOVA modules)
  • Java

Full PhD Scholarship

We offer a full scholarship PhD funded by Spanish Ministry under grant SUNSET-B (INFRAESTRUCTURA DE RED SOSTENIBLE PARA LA FUTURA SOCIEDAD DIGITAL) to carry applied research in Computer Networks in the CBA research group at UPC.

Project Details

The main goal of the project is to research on the Software-Defined Networking (SDN) orchestration framework, designing and developing SDN-enabled solutions for resource optimisation in Data-Centers, core networks and Campus/Enterprise networks.

Work Environment

The candidate will be part of an international team working at UPC including several PhD students from various nationalities, the working language is English. The CBA research group is equipped with state-of-the-art networking labs and computer clusters for simulation. The scholarships includes also internships in foreign companies or universities (USA, Asia or Eurpope).


The yearly salary is 16.422€ (around 1050€/month after taxes) for a 4-year grant. The grant is renewed yearly based on the student performance. In addition

  • Bonus of 4.750 euro (in total) for realizing doctoral stays in national and international universities and research centers during the PhD studies.
  • Bonus of 1.750 euro (in total) for PhD enrolment and PhD studies related expenses.

Application Process

The application process is through the Spanish Ministry website

Once registered, the candidate has to search for TEC2014-59583-C2-2-R reference and complete the application form. Please note that there are two very similar references. The correct one is with 2 before the final R (and not the one with 1).

The candidate needs to include:

  • a copy of his/her passport
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Academic certificate/s with date of finalisation, list of courses and the corresponding degrees achieved

The details of the application can be found here:

Please note that the application process is in Spanish, although Spanish is not required to carry the PhD, it is required basic knowledge for the application process.

HARD Deadline: June 29th, 2015


Interested candidates, please contact first the coordinators of the SUNSET-B project:

  • Davide Careglio (
  • Pere Barlet (

I’m member of the CBA research group and we periodically publish a list of opportunities for Master Thesis projects, PhD positions, and junior researchers.