Hot Talks in Technology

Seminar of the Master in Innovation & Research in Informatics (MIRI)
specialisation in Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (CNDS)

Description: The speciality of CNDS will propose a set of talks related to Computer Science during the year. Each student can select the talks among the proposed ones. The majority of talks will be given in the Campus Nord but we do not exclude the possibility to include talks given in other campus or places in the city.

Types of talk: The talks can be given by professors, researchers, industrial researchers or PhD students that present their recent works. The talks can be open or may require some kind of registration (e.g., an email notification to the organiser). In all cases, all talks will not require any registration fee.

ECTS: 1-3 (4 talks = 1 ECTS)

Evaluation Method: Each student needs to maintain a portfolio of the talks he has attended. In this portfolio, the student must complete a table for each talk with questions about what he understood and learned, and how the talk influences the student’s interest in the field. Once a student has attended enough talks, he can deliver the portfolio to the contact person.

Portfolio template: zip